What is the benefit of gan charger?

Maybe it’s your first time to hear about gallium nitride charger. Maybe you are already familiar with it and enjoy the convenience it brings to you. Anyway, before we talk about what benefits gallium nitride charger can bring us. It is necessary to for us to know what a gallium nitride charger is.

Gallium nitride charger is a kind of charger, because it is applied to gallium nitride, a semiconductor material, so it is called gallium nitride charger. (The abbreviation of gan charger is gallium nitride charger). Gallium nitride is a third generation semiconductor core material. It is widely used in new energy vehicles, rail transit, smart grid, semiconductor lighting, new generation mobile communications. As the cost of technological breakthroughs is controlled, gallium nitride is currently widely used in consumer electronics and other fields, and chargers are one of them.Compared with silicon, gallium nitride has a wider band gap, which means that gallium nitride can withstand higher voltage and has better conductivity than silicon.

 In short, gallium nitride is more efficient than silicon under the same volume of the two materials. Gallium nitride is currently one of the fastest power switching devices in the world, and it can still maintain a high efficiency level under the condition of high-speed switching. It can be applied to smaller transformers, so that chargers can effectively reduce the volume of products. ( Check this article you will better understanding )

Now that you have a general idea of what gallium nitride charger is, let’s talk about what benefits gallium nitride charger can bring us. First of all, thanks to the advantages of gallium nitride, the third generation semiconductor, gallium nitride chargers have faster charging speed. Compared with the ordinary silicon charger, the gallium nitride charger takes only one third of the time of the ordinary silicon charger to fully charge the mobile phone. The charging time of electronic devices is greatly shortened. Think about you getting up early in the morning, charging your mobile phone with a gallium nitride charger, and then you start to wash, make up, and then go out. In just 30 minutes, your mobile phone has 50% power. It is feel good to start up a good day.

The second advantage is that the GaN charger is small in size and convenient to carry. Gallium nitride has an efficiency of over 93%, and highly integrated devices replace conventional components, which makes the gallium nitride charger small in size. Wherever you go, the small gallium nitride charger can always accompany you. No one wants to go out with a brick-sized charger in the future.

Thirdly, GaN charger is compatible with most mobile phones, tablets and laptops on the market, and can be charged quickly. You don’t have to worry about whether the charger is compatible with your mobile phone or not.

In general, in terms of convenience, compability and charging efficiency, GaN chargers have more advantages than traditional chargers. It is believed that GaN chargers will occupy an important position in the market in the near future. If you haven’t used a gallium nitride charger yet, buy a gallium nitride charger quickly and enjoy fast charging and portability.

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